Typhon Advanced Nursing Program Student Tracking System - NPST

Designed for all advanced practice nursing programs, Typhon’s NP Student Tracking System (NPST) is an intuitive and secure student tracking platform that makes logging, tracking, and managing student data simple. Cloud-based, affordable, and completely customizable, Typhon’s NPST allows clinical coordinators, faculty, and preceptors to track students’ progress in real time as they learn in clinical settings.

Perfect for:

Program Directors

Monitor student clinical experiences through reports, curriculum mapping, and evaluations.

Clinical Coordinators

Easily manage the ever-growing list of site/preceptor affiliation agreements and appropriately schedule students.

Administrative Assistants

Access and manage the details of every student in your program, including licenses and immunization documents.


Monitor the progress of student clinical experiences and ensure that the objectives of each course are achieved.


Evaluate students, approve clinical experiences, and update contact info as needed.


Report their clinical experiences, take evaluations, and build a portfolio to use when job hunting after graduation.

Commonly used by these specialties:

  • Acute Care NP
  • Adult Gero Primary Care NP
  • Adult Gerontology NP
  • Adult Primary Care NP
  • Clinical DNP
  • Community Health NP
  • Family NP
  • Midwifery
  • MSN
  • MSN to DNP
  • Neonatal NP
  • Pediatric Acute Care NP
  • Pediatric NP
  • Psych Mental Health NP
  • Women’s Health NP
Student, Preceptor, and Site Databases feature in Student Tracking System

Student, Preceptor, and Site Databases

Student, Preceptor, and Site Databases feature in Student Tracking System

Typhon’s biographic databases allow you to customize and manage all the relevant details of each person in your system, including contact information, immunizations, licenses and contracts, supporting documents, and administrative comments. Additionally, our partners at VerifyStudents or Complio can schedule, execute, and validate your students’ immunizations, background checks, and drug screenings—all accessible through the Typhon system. Typhon’s clinical site database allows you to build a centralized hub for all site information, contract documents, pertinent forms, and associated personnel. You also have the option to share this information with students, faculty, and others.

Clinical Encounter Tracking and Reporting

With Typhon’s intuitive logging and tracking features, students can quickly and easily enter all clinical encounter information on a single page—including patient demographics, diagnosis and procedure codes, skills, medications, and clinical notes—without exposing HIPAA-protected health information. Students can also enter shift time and time spent in other daily activities using the time log feature. These logs can be monitored by faculty and preceptors to ensure accuracy.

Administrators, faculty, and students can instantly run and export a variety of pre-built and customizable reports. Students and faculty have access to cumulative case log and procedure totals, individual case logs, time logs, and conference logs. Faculty can compare students, clinical sites, or preceptors with an assortment of filters to narrow results. Preceptors can run reports on their own students to easily monitor and approve time and cases.

Secure Online Document Management

With Typhon’s secure platform, coursework and document management can be performed entirely online, where faculty can easily review and comment on student documents. Programs can also keep track of immunization or license paperwork, site and preceptor contracts, and any other documents that may need to be securely stored and shared.

Evaluations and Surveys

Typhon’s Evaluation and Survey Instrument (EASI) makes web-based evaluations simple to create, edit, and administer to all groups within the system. From course, site, and student evaluations to preceptor assessments and more, you have the ability to custom create any type of survey you need—and you can view the results in real time with live summary graphs and charts that are exportable to Word, PDF, or Excel.


Typhon allows you to easily build and maintain your students’ calendars for classes, conferences, and clinical rotations. Typhon’s automated features allow you to build preference-based schedules by linking site and preceptor availability with student requirements. And with Typhon’s conflict-checking feature, you’ll never have to worry about overbooking sites, preceptors, or students.

Clinical Coding Sets

The clinical encounter log includes fully-licensed ICD & CPT code sets that can be searched by keyword or taxonomy, allowing students to find and categorize their diagnoses and procedures.

Encounter Continuity

Students can link encounters and show a continuity of care by tracking a patient over an extended period of time.

Curriculum Mapping feature in Student Tracking System

Curriculum Mapping

Curriculum Mapping feature in Student Tracking System

Typhon’s curriculum mapping feature allows you to organize your program and course objectives to align them with program accreditation requirements, which can be imported from pre-built lists. You can also import student rosters to track achievements and make comments. Additionally, you can run reports to show which targets and goals have been achieved.

Fully Customizable

With Typhon, you design the platform to fit your program’s unique needs. Every module within the Typhon system can be customized. You can create fields, then choose which fields to track for individual students. You can also add specific fields to case logs, time logs, and student, clinical site, and preceptor databases.

Student Portfolio

Typhon allows students to create and customize their own multi-page portfolio website that captures and showcases their education, work history, case logs, studies, certifications, skills, training, and more. These portfolios are an invaluable tool for seeking employment after graduation or applying to advanced degree programs.

Student Tracking System Optimized for Mobile

Optimized for Mobile

Student Tracking System Optimized for Mobile

Typhon goes where you do. Mobile-friendly and accessible via any connected device, including phones and tablets, you can easily access and manage your account on the go—no apps needed.

Video Tutorials

With Typhon’s online video tutorials, students, administrators, and faculty can learn how to use the system at their own pace. Each tutorial is role-specific, and you can easily jump from chapter to chapter to locate and learn the specific information you need.